Best English Courses in Yerevan !

General English

Our General English courses are designed to provide profound knowledge and are prone to develop fluency and confidence in all four aspects of the language: listening, speaking, reading and writing. The classes are held three times a week with the length of 90mins and are intensive enough to complete each level within 2 months. Before commencement of each course students pass a written and oral placement test in order to be placed in an appropriate group. Upon successful completion students receive certificates. Believe, they are the best English classes in Yerevan !

One to One Courses

One to one sessions are proved to serve well for those who need intensive courses, special learning needs and swift progress. Our professional and experienced tutors are willing to boost your confidence as well as provide you with the knowledge and skills you need.

Besides, due to our flexible timetable you'll find it easy to set times and days at your own convenience.

Conversational English

Our conversational courses are held and conducted specially for those who face some hinders in expressing themselves freely. As a result of discussions, debates, role playing activities as well as pair works, students get rid of all types of obstacles, improve coherence and start to communicate easily and fluently. The lessons focus merely on vocabulary and speaking and pass in a lovely atmosphere full of games, engaging activities, lots of laughter and stamina. So, if you want to speak, speak and speak, join. :))

Kids' Program

Lingua Life has developed and offers a unique program for kids and teenagers. The aim of the program is to provide with not only language classes but also develop their motor, cognitive, social, interpersonal skills. Children learn in a unique way, and we have designed this program with this in mind. Thus, the lessons are interactive and they include games, activities, pair-work, and group-work to motivate and engage students more. Teachers are highly experienced and qualified having individual approach to every single child in the class. In short, we offer the best English courses in Yerevan !

GRE/GMAT Quantitative Section Preparatory Course

This course aims to take you through all types of questions you might encounter during the GRE/GMAT test. We master all the keys to help you increase and maximize your scores, that is why we have made up a specific study plan and course guide to ensure you are totally ready to overcome all difficulties on your journey to success. You will be taught all necessary techniques and tips, practice your knowledge on various tests and quizzes in order to beat the quantitative section.

Business English

Lingua Life has developed and offers practical Business English program to enhance business communication skills. Along with intensive English course with targeted business language components, participants will also learn how to communicate effectively in business meetings, give presentations, they will learn negotiation skills and will gain confidence to express themselves assertively in the business world.

IELTS/TOEFL Preparation Courses

The comprehensive program of exam classes is designed to help students achieve superior TOEFL/IELTS scores. Learning IELTS or TOEFL is challenging because it requires not only language knowledge but also strategies and tactics. Within the framework of the program qualified and experienced teachers will introduce master-level tactics and winning strategies to deal with every section of the test and will show you what the examiners exactly want. In the course students will take mock tests and teachers will provide continuous feedback on the students’ progress.






Other Languages

Armenian, Russian, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Chinese, Swedish, Turkish, Greek, Arabian, Farsi, Arabic. 

2 Minute English

Meet Our team

Ani Nersisyan


Mastering at least one foreign language is of the utmost importance these days. The proof of our quality classes is the increasing number of our students. We combine education with lots of fun, laughter and various entertaining activities which are aimed at boosting language learning desire and making the learning process incredibly pleasant. 

Christine Ohanyan

English Tutor

Good teachers know how to bring out the best in students. It is my mission to emphasize on language objectives by considering the individual aims of students To provide them with the knowledge that they are seeking and also to raise high educational standards.

Rémy Marronnier

French Tutor

Here at Lingualife, we'll be your stewards in your exciting journey to learn a new language. We'll be on your side at each step to bring you to your final destination. I'll be happy to bring you into the French speaking world, as I did with tens of other students before. Whatever your level is, give it a try !

Arevik Amirkhanyan

English Tutor

The warmth, enthusiasm and solidarity that stream in Lingua Life are beyond words. The atmosphere here is so positive and cheerful that you aim to learn constantly. Forgetting all about the daily routine, one becomes more and more inspired and encouraged in getting knowledge.

Vrezh Kosayan

Swedish,Turkish Tutor

The pleasant, talented and knowledgable staff of Lingua Life language teaching center teaches different languages to people of all age groups. As a Swedish tutor my aim is to teach Swedish at the same time increasing cultural awareness of my students. High quality classes are guaranteed!

Anna Baghdasaryan

Russian Tutor

Lingua Life is like a big and friendly family where everybody likes and respects each other. Teachers have a huge role in successful language learning and those professionals, who are merely in love with their job, motivate, inspire students and help them overcome challenges. Exactly this type of tutors work at Lingua Life !

Arega Hambardzumyan

English teacher

Language learning is compulsory nowadays. Make that process both entertaining and effecient with Lingua life and its highly qualified tutors. Careful and individual approach to each student ensures acquiring knowledge tailored to your requirements and expectations. Keep up with the modern world with us!

Gayane Melkonyan

English Tutor

My aim is to empower my students and have a real impact on their future and careers. Besides helping them achieve maximum proficiency in the English language, I also find it important to increase their cultural awareness and understanding to best help them succeed professionally, academically, and socially.

Elizabeth Tsarukyan

English Teacher

If you want to study in a motivational, creative and enthusiastic environment, Lingua Life is here! Our high quality courses provide students not only with the knowledge they have addressed us for, but also with memorable moments.  Remember - anyone who stops learning is old, no matter how old they are. So join us and stay young!

Mariam Karapetyan

Greek Tutor

Lingua Life foreign language school invites you to learn how to speak Greek fluently. In Lingua Life you will not only learn how to speak and write in Greek but also you will get to know about the Greek culture and habits. You will love Greece even more, and together we will have a great time learning Greek. Come and join us! (It will be fun!)

Vahagn Gevorgyan


Everyone thinks math is too hard to study and are afraid to start learning it. But, with Lingua Life it can be joyful and successful. There are lots of ways to improve your math skills. If you don't know how to start we are here to help you. Remember, whatever you do, keep practising and success will be yours.

Armine Davtyan

French Tutor

Learning a new language is acquirement of a new passport to a new country and culture.  We have programs designed for different needs ranging from beginner to advanced levels. Lingua Life will help you obtain knowledge which will fit your demands and wants. Join us !

Liana Muradyan

Chinese Tutor

The Chinese language is the most complex language in the world. It registered in the book of Guinness. Lingua Life gives you a chance to become part of this big family and overcome all language hinders. Iam the specialist of Chinese and we are waiting for you to reveal the world of languages together.

Hermine Elizbaryan

German Tutor

Lingua Life: a language house where solidarity and warmth are highly prevalent. As a German tutor, I work with different age groups teaching both oral and written language skills. Selecting us, you will acquire a lot of knowledge, which will become spur on your way to your eduactional dreams. Looking forward to seeing you !!!



Magi Vardanyan

Spanish Teacher

Spanish is spoken by millions of people across Europe, North America and the rest of the world. With our courses you will join them easily. We’ll teach you in an open, personal and enjoyable atmosphere. Our team is dedicated to what it's doing, and what you give with pleasure is never forgotten.

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